Upcoming Exhibition - INTO THE WATER

INTO THE WATER: Presented by Maningrida Arts & Culture

11 to 26 August 2017

Opens: Friday 11 August, 4pm to 6pm 

An immersive exhibition that delves into the waters of Arnhem Land. Through the storytelling of contemporary fibre artists of the larger Maningrida region, this exhibition presents a world abundant with totemic ancestors and beings, animals and the various technologies used to hunt.

Featuring installations and fibre sculptures by senior artists including Lulu Laradjbi, Anniebell Marrngnamarrnga, Frewa Bardaluna, Vera Cameron, Maisie Cameron, Helen Stewart, Freda Ali and Doreen Jinggarrabarra alongside work from a new generation of weavers.

The exhibition is complimented by a video installation, with selected artists, by Maningrida Arts & Culture and water themed fabric design from Babbarra Women’s Centre.

About Maningrida Arts & Culture

We are an Aboriginal art centre that empowers local artists to pursue successful global careers from their homeland and township bases. Their artwork is of exceptional quality and cultural integrity, and we market and sell it to visitors, collectors and institutions throughout the world.

Senior artists have the authority to channel their cultural knowledge and connections to country and activate new cultural expressions emerging from djang (the life-giving creative power that resides in ancestral country), invoking customary ways and practices, experimenting with visual forms, and inventing the contemporary.