We Are The Old: uku Ŋurruŋgitj
Joe Dhamanydji & Matthew ‘Teapot’ Djipurrtjun

Presented by SALON Art Projects, in association with Milingimbi Art & Culture

Milingimbi Art and Culture is an Indigenous-owned, non-profit corporation which supports Yolŋu culture and sustainable livelihoods for artists on the island of Yurrwi (Milingimbi), in North East Arnhem Land. In Yolŋu culture the land, family, ceremony, songs and art are all connected. The artists of Milingimbi Art and Culture share these stories through woven fibre works, ochre paintings on bark, ceremonial poles and carvings.

Image credit:

Matthew Djipurrtjun, Gurrumatji Ŋaliyindi'ŋur (Magpie Geese at Ŋaliyindi Homeland), 2024, ochre on bark, 105 x 76 cm


Opening Night 4.30pm, 21 June 2024

Tactile Arts Gallery
19 Conacher St, The Gardens NT
Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Satursday, 10am - 2pm
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