Winsome Jobling
Making Connections

The Printmaking Studio
December 2022 to March 2023

Darwin based artist Winsome Jobling works primarily with handmade paper and experimental printmaking as well as sculpture and drawing. She uses many local plants to make her paper such as Spear Grass, Banyan Fig and the declared weed Gamba Grass. Her work is a haptic collaboration with the natural world and a response to our impact on it. Recent works explore the impacts of bushfires and climate change on the Top End Savannah.

She has exhibited regularly in Darwin and in 2016 the Museum & Art Gallery of the NT held the survey show Winsome Jobling; the Nature of Paper.

Jobling was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to study papermaking in the USA in 2008 and maintains links with international practitioners through conferences, residencies and exhibitions. The most recent Residency was in 2019 at the Morgan Conservatory in Cleveland, Ohio.

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Exhibition Opening
Friday, 21 April at 5.30pm

Workshop   Experimental Printmaking Techniques (sold out)

Tarzan JungleQueen &
Em Frank
Collaborative Residency

The Printmaking Studio & Ceramics Studio
March to June 2023

Tarzan JungleQueen

Tarzan is a multi-disciplinary queer artist living and working in Gulumoerrgin/Darwin, they blend graphic design, collage, screen print, video, textual works everything in between to create work focused on the interrogation, deconstruction, and reconstruction of concepts of ‘the self', queerness, the patriarchy and environmental topics. Tarzan has a long history of working in community Arts in Darwin. Currently, they run their own Graphic Design and Screen Print business ‘Tarzan Design Jungles', manage UNTITLED gallery+studio, co-produce Lit Larvae a creative program focused on connecting queer youth, and work at Darwin Community Arts as the marketing manager and studio+gallery manager. Their work has been exhibited locally, interstate and internationally.

Em Frank

Em Frank is an artist, arts worker, and long term visitor on unceded Arrernte land. Em’s practise centres on collaborative and community arts initiatives, with a focus on creating platforms to nurture quiet voices and cultivate solidarity. Over the last decade, Em has worked with communities across the Central Desert region, facilitating art making with people of diverse abilities, interests and resources. Projects have included painting, digital illustration, screen printed apparel, public murals, large scale sculpture, and the development of picture books and bi-lingual educational resources. These days Em is teaching ceramics at Charles Darwin University in Mparntwe/Alice Springs, facilitating art projects with Tjanpi Desert Weavers in the APY Lands, and obsessively making things out of clay in the moment between.  


Exhibition Opening
Friday, 23 June at 5.30pm

Workshop  Saturday 24 June, 12-3pm

Book tickets for workshop here:

Mutants: A Blue Lobster Collaboration: Printing on Terracotta - June


Suzanne Knight
3D Woven Tapestry

The Printmaking Studio
June to September 2023

Suzanne is a Canberra artist, initially trained as a printmaker her art practice includes textiles, Japanese woodblock prints, drawing, painting and lithography.

Every day as a small child I shared the morning tea table with the women in the street, watching a moving display of objects and patterns shift across the tablecloth, contained in the format of the kitchen table, contained in the format of a suburban house on a three-quarter block. For many years my art practice has explored this containment and those memories; primarily in imagery influenced by domestic vessels and food. These suburban experiences have also informed explorations of comparative cross cultural food practices- what is food for one culture is not food for another, and cross cultural food traditions. I have also been interested in food miles, the cost to the environment in our reliance on long distance truck transport and the future of fresh food production where genetic enhancements have bred more disease resistant yet generic crops or insecticides threaten our insect populations.

Most recently my concerns have turned towards the environment, where non-degradable plastic bottles, cups, supermarket items and bags fill landfill and edge out our native fauna and flora; or escape to our beaches and oceans to be consumed by sea creatures. This pollution has become even more prevalent during a pandemic where we filled containers with disinfectant and attempted to scrub away a virus.

In my most recent work I have used the technique of tapestry weaving to draw and paint with yarn- creating small tapestries depicting domestic vessels such as kitchen objects, tea cups, Tupperware, glassware, plastic bottles, plastic bags. These are then displayed either as a still life arrangement on the wall or self supported standing on a shelf attached to the wall.

Tapestry weaving resists impatience and is a very contemplative medium. The surfaces are rich and lush, woven and airy yet very robust and strong. I begin by capturing the shapes and colours in a simple gouache painting, which then informs how I mix the blends of coloured yarn in the tapestry, trying to match the lightness and translucency of the painting in the medium of wool and cotton."


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Exhibition Opening Friday, 22 September at 5.30pm
Workshop   TBC

Cheryl Galpin
The Joy of Working with Fabric, Beads and Thread

The Printmaking Studio
August to November 2023

The joy of working with fabric, beads and thread motivates me to delve into the fabric of my life and piece together the journey that has taken me from a child in Tasmania to an adult in Darwin; from my first job as an apprentice beader in Flinders Lane, Melbourne to submitting work for an Artist in Residence at Tactile Arts in the Northern Territory. So many elements of my life are coming together and to be able to explore this further using fabric, beads and thread, recycled, repurposed and reused, I find exciting and extraordinary. 

What I use in my work 

  • Fabrics – upcycled, recycled, what I have accumulated over the years, some from my travels overseas 
  • Beads – repurposed, what I have accumulated over years 
  • Embroidery thread 
  • Fabric dyeing – indigo and natural dyes 
  • Printing on fabric 

The inspiration for the pieces I am currently working on come from: 

  • nature – particularly the ocean, sand, shells, fish, other sea creatures, rivers.
  • stitching with beads and thread. 
  • using material that I have squirrelled away over many years or found in an op shop, or offcuts of fabric I have made into clothes for my family.

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Residency Textiles display at Christmas Craft Fair
17, 18 & 19 November 2023

Workshop   TBC

Cover Image: Ioanna Thymianidis, Future Relic, aluminium self portrait in lost PLA casting, 2022.