Ioanna Thymianidis

Spores - Chasms - Your Anatomy
14 April to 1 May

Ioanna Thymianidis is an artist exploring the
intersection of human experience and the condition of nature. Through exploring her Greek heritage and having studied in Italy, Ioanna became inspired by traditional materials including marble and bronze.
She has won awards for using such historical
materials to create sculptures that speak to modern ideas of ephemerality, decay and nostalgia.

Ioanna seeks site specific projects with focus on nature, material and skill exchange. In residencies around the world, she connects to the landscape through reimagining flora and fauna in sketches, castings and carvings. Driven by community and collaboration, Ioanna’s practice has come to focus on hosting workshops and building facilities for recycled metals including in remote communities locally and abroad.

Ioanna has undertaken a site-specific residency at Tactile Arts, exploring beautiful and brutal fragments of waste mutating with nature. Her exhibition will be a close lens on the transmutation between the natural world and the human order. Ioanna will draw on local flora and found materials to create a series of sculptures and wearable art using skills in lost-wax casting in recycled metals.

Exhibition Opening 5.30pm Thursday, 14 April
Artist Talk 10.30am Saturday, 16 April

Linda Joy &
Sonia Martignon

The Residency
27 May to 12 June

About Linda

Linda Joy is a practicing visual artist directly influenced by the unique life and culture of the Top End. Her work is predominately landscapes that hover between a traditional and modern representation, with a focus on the integrity and fragility of country.

Linda’s artistic journey is underpinned by regular bush trips and her visual journals where she documents observations, compositional field notes and studies. In the studio she works directly from these drawings and notes onto prepared linen or canvas with inks and washes. Her work has been exhibited in numerous group and solo exhibitions nationally and she has been the recipient of several art awards.

Currently Linda is participating in the ‘Artist in Residence’ program at Tactile Arts exploring and experimenting with printmaking. This work will feature in the upcoming exhibition ‘The Residency’ opening 27 May.

About Sonia

Sonia is an artist who is driven to record the beauty of our increasingly threatened natural environment. Armed with the belief that all living things are connected by the habitat they share, her work pays homage to these fertile landscapes. It reflects on humanity's sense of being ‘other’; of viewing ourselves as separate from the natural world, exploring the sensation of being an observer ‘looking in’ to a beautiful, foreign wilderness.

Sonia’s pieces are often created from hand cut plywood. The intricately cut edges of her work cast shadows, offering a portal into the landscape, to focus on a rapidly disappearing ecology. Her aesthetics are tethered to the deeply familiar verdant landscapes of the tropics. Sonia’s process includes documenting these places through a myriad of photographs and sketches which become the foundation of her work. Referencing these resources she decodes the landscape, counterbalancing the literal with the interpreted, allowing the creation of work that blurs boundaries between documentation and memory. Adhering to the words of Corot, recording the landscape is about finding moments of ‘truth bathed in an impression received from nature’.

Sonia has completed a Bachelor of Fine Art and is also a qualified teacher. Since beginning a fulltime art practice in 2019, Sonia has held solo exhibitions and participated in multiple curated group shows across Australia. Her work has been selected and exhibited in several respected national art prizes, receiving Highly Commended in the Korea-Australian Art Foundation Art Prize, Sydney (2021). In 2022 Sonia will complete a residency at Tactile Arts Studios in collaboration with Linda Joy. Having worked together on several projects, both are deeply inspired by nature and the natural processes that shape the landscape and will use the Tactile Arts Residency program to explore, experiment and expand their visual arts practice using non-toxic printmaking processes.

Sonia Martignon and Linda Joy

Linda Joy; Across the Plains, Monoprint, 20 x 30cm, 2022.

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Sonia Martignon; Blaze, Monotype on Canson Edition Paper, 29.7cm x 21cm, 2022.

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Aaron Moore

Into the Gorge
Coming in July 2022

Aaron is an artist and international aid worker whose art practice is informed by his experiences in the field. He is perhaps best known for his performance One thing you lack, in which he catalogued, exhibited and sold everything he owned (from his motorbike, surfboard and bed, to his underwear, tax records and half eaten boxes of cereal) to fund charities working with people in poverty and attempt to understand his own part in global inequality.

Aaron has exhibited in numerous group and solo shows, winning the Walter Bennett, Highly Commended in the Mandorla and the St George Art Award, and a finalist in the Chippendale New World Art Prize, the Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize, the Sunshine Coast Art Prize, the Fisher Ghost and the Blake Prize.

Aaron gained his higher education from the University of Oxford, UK, and the University of New South Wales’ Art and Design, Australia, where he earned degrees in Refugee Studies (MSc) and Fine Art (MFA) respectively.

Aaron's work spans a broad range of mediums
including painting, drawing, ceramics, video,
installation and performance.

During his residency at the Tactile Arts ceramics studio, Aaron is developing a series of works inspired by his experiences in the Northern Territory bush, in particular his time spent swimming and hiking around the gorges and natural rock formations. The works use clay as a medium for organic ceramic bowls, platters, vases, sculptures and even paintings.

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Cover Image: Ioanna Thymianidis, Future Relic, aluminium self portrait in lost PLA casting, 2022.