Closing this Sunday! Exhibition: Playful by Isobel Lopes

Playful is an interpretation of life’s highs and lows (and many other aspects) through the eyes of local artist Isabel Lopes. An eclectic collection of mixed media works featuring whimsical illustrations, evocative abstracts, sculptural elements and jewellery.
This exhibition was originally intended to present the progress and evolution of my art, an introduction to the next stage, however, with the loss of my father in December, this became a personal journey into my grieving process. My art became my therapy, diving into memories, stories and deep feelings.
The Playfulness of the materials, ideas and stories come together as a narrative. Life’s beauty and ugliness celebrated with moody mark making, colour and texture.

Exhibition: 2 to 18 June
Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 10am to 4pm