Injalak Arts presents Yirridjdja, a solo exhibition by renowned stone country artist Glen Namundja. In Kunwinjku culture all people, as well as all plants, animals, lands, ceremonies, songs and dances are divided into two groups or moieties: Duwa and Yirridjdja. Glen’s intricate style of painting signals his connection to the Yirridjdja moiety and his clan estate. His artworks dazzle the viewer with his knowledge about the anatomy and spiritual identity of animals and the ineffable life forces that enmesh us together.

Glen Namundja is an artist driven by immense passion who draws upon his rich cultural heritage to create captivating artworks as a way of stimulating storytelling. With a wealth of cultural knowledge at his disposal, Glen fearlessly crafts elaborate compositions, characterised by densely populated and intertwined figures adorned with ornate rarrk (cross-hatching). In recent years, he has proven himself to be one of the finest innovators of this style, through works that demonstrate a complex synthesis of figurative and abstract elements.

Glen Namundja imbues his paintings with a potency that is compelling. His art is reflective of his character as an artist who will continually challenge himself. Glen has been a National Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Art Award finalist more than 10 times since 2007. In 2009 he was awarded the prestigious prize in the Works on Paper category, and in 2010 he was presented the Bark painting award. Injalak Arts is proud to announce he is a NATSIAA finalist again in 2023 marking his longstanding recognition as an artist of outstanding merit. His work is included in the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, National Maritime Museum and Toga Group Collections.


Yirridjdja- Glen Namundja presented by Injalak Arts
Exhibition Opens - 5.30pm, Friday 21 July, 2023
The Tactile Arts bar will be open and snacks are provided. Come and celebrate the new exhibition in the Tactile Arts Gallery.



Tactile Arts Gallery
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