Wild Wonders;  Artistic Reflection on Biodiversity's Peril by Anastasia Maximova

Anastasia's exhibition of contemporary botanical art will showcase drawings and paintings of native plants of the Northern Territory and the interconnection between flora and fauna. Attracting attention to biodiversity and environmental sustainability. 

Through the lens of a contemporary botanical artist, this exhibition unveils the beauty and fragility of the Top End's native flora. Each piece narrates the story of the Northern Territory's pristine nature and the delicate balance among plant species and their environments, emphasizing the vital role of each organism in maintaining ecological equilibrium.

It encourages us to reflect on the beauty that surrounds us, the threats it endures and the actions we can initiate. Furthermore, it opens a critical dialogue on conservation, exploring breathtaking natural wonders and a reminder of our global biodiversity's fragility.

Join us in celebrating the Northern Territorys unique ecosystems, and let us come together in our efforts to safeguard our planet's irreplaceable treasures.


Opening Night 5.30pm, Thursday 28 March, 2024

The Tactile Arts bar will be open and snacks are provided. Come and celebrate the new exhibition in the Tactile Arts Gallery.

Tactile Arts Gallery
19 Conacher St, The Gardens NT
Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Satursday, 10am - 2pm
(Please Note: The gallery is only open during exhibitions and does not open on public holidays)