Artist in Residence

Jo Victoria is a place based artist, working mostly in porcelain. For this residency, Victoria was interested in immersing herself in the top end natural environment and seeking a sense of place through this experience. The intersection of culture and nature is a particular focus of her art practice. 

Wet season storms, the start of the dry, and how seasonal burning practices transformed the environment were of particular interest. Further inspiration came from collecting seeds and sea debris in the intertidal zones around Darwin.

A camping visit to Kakadu National Park exposed her to the beauty of burnt country and the extraordinary details to be found in a charred landscape. The ‘knockemdown’ winds bending the spear grass into delicate gold lace under a Kakadu sun were especially memorable.

‘I have tried to capture a sense of the special beauty I experienced in the Top End during my residency through this body of work. I feel like I have only scratched the surface here. This experience has transformed my practice in new directions already’.