After a three-month residency at Tactile Arts, Suzanne Knight presents Short Shelf Life, a collection of her most recent works.

This exhibition explores the domestic and the wild, where the natural world is dominated and restricted by waste; single-use plastics which seep into our environment, in landfill and into our waterways, destroying habitat and the creatures that lived there.

From our supermarket shelves and shopping trolleys- landfill and domestic waste spreads unhindered, blown on the wind or floating freely in our oceans and rivers, without borders or restriction.

In future years maybe we’ll only recognise our unique species of fauna and flora as museum relics or as advertising fodder. Unless we raise environmental awareness and take global responsibility, we may end up with an Australian environment that no longer exists.


Suzanne Knight is an Australian artist. She attended art school at the Australian National University, School of Art, completing both undergraduate and research degrees, and practiced for many years as a printmaker. In 2016 she attended a summer school to learn tapestry weaving and has been hooked on tapestry ever since.  


Suzanne weaves with 2ply wool, cotton, metallic or bamboo threads and begins by capturing the shapes and colours in a simple gouache painting, which then informs how she mix the blends of coloured yarn in the give illusions of form in her objects. Her tapestries are often small shaped soft sculptures, which stand on a shelf or plinth and are free of the wall. 


Her work depicts still life images of objects, vessels, food, packaging and memories of childhood in suburban Sydney, and explores themes such as containment versus the uncontained, finding the extraordinary in the ordinary, and an interest in what lies between and beyond the tablecloth, the sea and the shore, between language and cross-cultural engagement. 


Recently her interest in vessels and objects has led to environmental concerns about domestic waste, single use plastics, landfill and recycling, and what happens when we as humans aren’t contained and seep into the environment, or the cultivated and domestic becomes wild? She looks for hope through art where nature persists and utilises the man-made for its own purposes. Where we raise environmental awareness and take global responsibility. 




Exhibition Opening
Friday 22 September 2023 | 5.30pm | Tactile Arts Gallery
The Tactile Arts bar will be open and snacks are provided

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