Reparation is an exploration of intergenerational memory in women and how it impacts individual identity.

Throughout jean’s art practice of recording the stories of women over the years, they have observed a pattern or cycle indicating intergenerational memory is present in each of us. This body of work explores ideas of identity, through the transitions experienced from daughter to woman to mother, and the relationships that shape us along the way.

jean claire Martin (BFA Hons1) is a queer artist, who was born on the land of the Dharug Nation, grew up on Larrakia Country and is currently living and creating in Meanjin - on the lands of the Turrbal and Jagera People. Sovereignty was never ceded. This Always Was and Always Will Be Aboriginal Land.

This journey sees a return to Larrakia Country for a 3-month artist residency at Tactile Arts. What was intended to be coming home to place, Reparation ended up being a coming home to themselves.

Cover Image: jean claire Martin, Nana, backlit cyanotype on Chinese rice paper, 2022.
All artworks produced by jean claire Martin for their Reparation exhibition. Gallery photography by Catherine Buckley.