19 June to 5 July

Opening at 5:30pm Friday, 19 June 2020 at Tactile Arts Gallery

PRESSplay is an exhibition that brings a print press and playfulness together via Amelia and Jocelyn’s Artist in Residence at Tactile Arts.

The selection of unconventional prints created during this time are also the result of working in isolation during COVID19 restrictions.

Please join us in celebrating the opening of PRESSplay accompanied by live music from I Made Budalasia and Serge Balaam for the evening.


OTL caught up with them for a chat ahead of their printmaking exhibition.

Tell us about PRESSplay at Tactile Arts – what’s it about?
JT: Put simply, it’s about playing with the press. Amelia and I have a degree in printmaking and unfortunately there is no operational print access facility in Darwin for us to develop our skills. However, there is a press at Tactile Arts, and we were lucky enough to have been offered the Artist in Residency so that we could use it. 

It’s not a fully equipped workshop, but we’ve been able to have a lot of fun with the space and we’re really excited to show the possibilities 
with what is there.

We hear the equipment was lying dormant at Tactile Arts for a while – what does it mean to reinvigorate these tools and produce an exhibition?
JT: The NT has a very strong legacy of printmaking that needs all the support it can get to continue. In my opinion, the prints that have been made from remote artists up here are the most exciting, vibrant and experimental artworks to represent Australian printmaking. I’ve seen budget cuts dismantle what is possible for this important community as well as the jobs that go with it. 

Bringing attention to NT’s artistic career paths can be challenging but it brings me a lot of joy. Especially when I’m covered in ink, surrounded by fresh new artwork and in a room full of printmakers, all big-eyed and excited about what they’ve just made.

Have you worked together before? What inspired you to collaborate?
JT: I first met Amelia while I was working at SALON De Refusés in 2017. We then worked together at Nomad Art Gallery so our love-art-relationship began straight away. 

Last year, we had two amazing opportunities present themselves to us. Thanks to Yo Bell and Erica Wagner’s OCTOPUS project, we began to conceptualise our work in the format of a publication and we are always creating with that in mind. 

We also exhibited at DCA’s UNTITLED Space after completing the Artist in Residency program there. This was another milestone in our development. I find Amelia’s drawings so free and expressive, this is what really drives me – that and her sense of humour. We’re always having a good laugh while we work together!

What’s next for you both?
AL: There will certainly be more collaborating, we have ideas for other projects that we would like to work on together. Jocelyn is currently running printmaking workshops and we are both exploring illustrated texts. 

And lastly, the open studio this month sounds exciting, ahead of your exhibition next month. What are some of the items up for purchase?
AL: Yes, it will be lovely to have visitors at the studio! Join us for a cuppa and have a look at what we’ve been making. There will be lots of printed bits and pieces to sift through including ghost prints (prints from residual ink left on the plate), gift wrap, gift tags and cards.


Article courtesy of Off the Leash


Images from top: Begin Again, Jocelyn Tribe and Amelia Luscombe, Monotype, 2020 | Amelia Luscombe, "Jocelyn and Amelia" acrylic pen on paper. 



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