We Are The Old: uku Ŋurruŋgitj
Joe Dhamanydji & Matthew ‘Teapot’ Djipurrtjun

Presented by SALON Art Projects, in association with Milingimbi Art & Culture

Working with Milingimbi Art and Culture, the two men have used Djalkiri Keeping Place - Milingimbi's vast collection of historical and cultural works, objects, stories and images - as a foundation for this assertion that the old is the new. The exhibition celebrates this coming together of the old and the new; the process of reclamation, renewal and rebirth that this unprecedented ‘bringing back of memory’ has inspired. Works include ochre paintings on large barks, split logs and carving timber.


Image credit:
Matthew Djipurrtjun, Gurrumatji Ŋaliyindi'ŋur (Magpie Geese at Ŋaliyindi Homeland), 2024, ochre on bark, 105 x 76 cm


Opening Night 4.30pm, 21 June 2024

Tactile Arts Gallery
19 Conacher St, The Gardens NT

Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Satursday, 10am - 2pm
(Please Note: The gallery is only open during exhibitions and does not open on public holidays)