20 September -  13 October 2019

Opening 5:30pm, 20 September at Tactile Arts Gallery


‘Formation’ brings together recent artworks by Henry and Fernanda Dupal, an exhibition celebrating creative endeavour in partnership.

Form, function, colour and light are some of the considerations driving the artistic practice of these two Darwin artists.

Fernanda works across a range of printmaking and photographic techniques with a current focus on mono-print, cyanotype and silver halide photographic processes. 

Henry works with stoneware and high fire crystalline glazes. The glaze propagates crystals in random locations, and this combined with the deliberate curved forms of the vessels, creates the individual captivating result.

These works, are inspired by and respond to life, the environment, and the realities of their world.


 Assorted works from Henry and Fernanda Dupal.


Tactile Arts Gallery

19 Conacher St, Fannie Bay NT

Gallery hours: Tuesday - Sunday, 10am - 4pm