New works on paper and textiles from six Merrepen artists.  

Kieren Karritpul, Dylan Minggun, Marita Sambono, Nola Jimarin, AnnCarmel Mulvien and Patricia Marrfurra Mc Taggart

Breathing Life showcases new works on paper and textiles from six Merrepen artists, demonstrating the diverse areas of practice and constant experimentation that’s happening at the art centre. The exhibition features new works on paper including monotypes, woodblocks, paintings onto already finished etchings and paintings on paper. The artists will similarly showcase new techniques with textiles using multiple layers of design: hand painting and printing back onto already printed fabric.


Image: AnnCarmel Mulvien, Turtles in the Billabong, monotype and hand painting, 2021.  


Tactile Arts Gallery

19 Conacher St, The Gardens NT

Gallery hours: Tuesday - Sunday, 10am - 4pm