The Way of the River

A Group Exhibition 


The Northern Territory’s muddy looking Adelaide River is famous for being home to some of the largest saltwater crocodiles in the world and it encapsulates an abundant variety of other fauna, including vibrant birdlife. Thick riparian vegetation along its banks obscures from view the extensive floodplain, which is subject to extreme dry seasons and high seasonal flooding. Moving down stream, the tidal nature of the river supports an extensive network of mangroves. Travelling by boat along a section of the Adelaide River and up one of its tributaries the Marrakai Creek, a group of closely aligned Northern Territory artists, scientists and researchers who have a passion for the Northern Territory environment, have come together to share their knowledge while exploring the many different facets of the river’s ecosystem. While reflecting upon themes of climate change, sea level changes, conservation, preservation, threats, quirky river creatures, the evolving river system and extreme seasons, The Way of the River is the resulting creative response.

The group of artists selected for this exhibition have ongoing connections with each other, either through previous collaborations, ongoing activities, and/or mentoring. Through their art and research activities, all artists care for and have a wide range of knowledge about their local Northern Territory environment. The exhibition will bring into focus the significance of this dynamic river system and its extensive floodplains through a series of works that encompass painting, printmaking, installation works, photography, and sculpture.


Opening Night 5.30pm, Friday 19 April, 2024
The Tactile Arts bar will be open and snacks will be provided.


Tactile Arts Gallery
19 Conacher St, The Gardens NT
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