by David Kerr

The exhibition aims to showcase various facets of sculptural pieces, narrating the unfolding story of the progression in Davids artistic journey. Each piece embodies an implied functionality, whether tangible or with the potential for reality.

The diverse themes explored in the exhibition underscore the dual nature of Davids artistic style – minimalist yet adorned with decorative aesthetics in surfaces, finishes, and shapes. Moreover, the showcase will illustrate the wide-ranging possibilities within the work, spanning from simplistic to diverse themes.

Opening Night 5.30pm, 31 May 2024
The Tactile Arts bar will be open and snacks will be provided.

Tactile Arts Gallery
19 Conacher St, The Gardens NT
Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Satursday, 10am - 2pm
(Please Note: The gallery is only open during exhibitions and does not open on public holidays)