Joanna del Nido is an NT artist known for her bright and bold creations including permanent installations at the Museum & Art Gallery of the Northern Territory and a new commission at Gray Community Hall.

Using a mix of contemporary materials including resin, epoxy clay and laser-cut and powder-coated aluminium del Nido invites you into the unexpected and evocative world of idioms in this playful exhibition that explores some of the peculiarities of the English language.

Creative by nature, we have invented often-bizarre sayings to provide comfort or to make sense of situations or complicated emotions. Consider common expressions such as ‘You’re repeating yourself’, ‘Are your ears painted on?’, ‘Contain yourself’, ‘Feeling flat’. Many of us use these sayings, but where do these idioms come from and what do they actually mean? As adults, we understand them but imagine trying to decipher them as children or non-native English speakers. Del Nido has taken the opportunity to explore these often-nonsensical play on words to create a series of thought provoking and light-hearted works.  

Proudly supported by Northern Territory Government.

Image: Joanna del Nido, Collecting My Thoughts [detail], 2022, resin, epoxy clay, perspex.