Polished Earth Raku

Polished Earth Raku

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with Gerald Clapham.


This course is run over 4 weeks and has a total of 5 sessions. Each session will be between  2 – 4 hours in length. 

The course is for the pottery student who has some experience and competency in making their own work, ideally having completed 1 or 2 workshops previously and wants to explore new firing and finishing techniques.

The first four sessions will be held at Tactile Arts, and will focus on the making and preparation of pots ready for the firing process.

Students will learn to make their own terra sigillata, and how to apply this to the pots they make in the first 3 sessions. The 4th session will be all about getting the pots ready for the bisque firing and understanding the options that are available.

These are;

Simple Raku lustres (students can prepare these in the 4th session)

Pots burnished with Terra sigillata and sagar fired 1 per student {this is due to size of current kiln other work will be raku fired at Studio Elevenlee.

Students will apply Terra sigillata to their burnished pots and start to prepare their saggars ready for firing, also everyone will have the opportunity to try a pot in the naked raku and luster technique.

All firing will be done at Studio Elevenlee over two evenings, in two seperate groups of no more than 4 people per firing session.

Maximum 8 students

Tactile Arts: 29 - 30 May & 5 - 6 June - Wed and Thur evenings 6 - 9 pm

Studio Elevenlee: Proposed 15 - 22 June 5pm till late. TBC