If I Were a Street - Textile Art and Soft Sculpture II

If I Were a Street - Textile Art and Soft Sculpture II

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Come connect with the tradition of textiles as a story-telling aide, to be supported in translating a narrative of your own into a textile art piece. The focus will be on creating with authenticity, attention and energy to the story you want to tell. Some ideas we will cover are use of text, developing personal symbology, use of colour, working with non-standard materials and seeing a project through from beginning to end.


Saturday 27 July

1pm - 5pm

Materials included, participants are however encouraged to bring their own items as indicated below. Please wear comfortable clothing and closed in footwear.

(If you can come with some ideas of a story or experience you wish to work with, either jotted down or in your mind.  Any objects, images, fabrics you would like to work with (I will be providing a range of materials to work with also).

Technical support will of course be part of the workshop for participants if interested in incorporating particular techniques, but this is not the main focus of the course).

This workshop is in conjunction with Kasia's exhibition "If I were a Street, I would not be a Cul de Sac" in the Tactile Arts gallery, 5 - 28 July.