Hammered Earrings

Hammered Earrings

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Participants in the hammered earrings workshop have the opportunity to craft exquisite earrings in precious silver, vibrant copper, and bronze. They will utilize chasing hammers, dapping punches, and a doming block to shape their creations.

In addition, participants will cut intricate shapes with shears, employ filing and drilling techniques, and assemble stunning dangle earrings using jump rings.
The workshop will also cover the art of crafting ear hooks with sterling silver wire, adding an extra layer of skill to their earring-making experience.

Saturday 2nd March 2024
9:30am- 1:30pm 

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Non members: $100
Members: $95

Full student refunds can be issued up to 7 working days prior to commencement. Individual classes will not be refunded due to non-attendance.

 Tactile Arts members can access their workshop discount by entering EARRINGS MEMBER into the discount code field at the checkout.