Frances Ricketts Gemstone Keyring

Frances Ricketts Gemstone Keyring

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Polished gemstone on stainless steel key ring.The feel of the polished gemstone pendant on this keyring in your hand is a tactile delight and the weight will ensure you will never lose your keyring to the bottom of your handbag again.With many different stones to choose from you will find the perfect one to suit your mood.

Purple Agate:Lgth 9cm, W 22g

Dark Green Agate:Lgth 9cm, W 21g

Brown Agate:L 9cm, W 18g

Grey Agate:L9cm, W19g

Light Green Agate:9 cm, W 22g

Brown/Cream Agate:L8cm, W11g

Azzurite/Malachite: L9cm, W22g

Cherry Quartz:L 9cm, W11g

Rhodonite:L 9cm, W28g

Tiger Eye: L8cm, W15g

Turquoise: L9cm, W10g