Christmas Craft Fair - Trestle Table - one day - (concession)

Christmas Craft Fair - Trestle Table - one day - (concession)

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Please read these terms and conditions carefully before submitting your payment.

Tactile Arts reserves the right to accept or reject any stall application at its discretion. It also reserves the right to cancel a stallholder’s application if the stallholder breaches the conditions of this agreement or displays unacceptable behavior leading up to or during the Craft Fair. Tactile Arts may ask to inspect craft items or making techniques prior to and/or after a craft fair to ensure that works comply with the requirements of the craft fair.

COVID-19 Requirements:

  • Stallholders must adhere to any commitment made within their approved COVID-19 Safety Plan, including providing hand sanitiser, displaying physical distancing signage and floor markings at their stall.
  • Any stallholder who is feeling unwell or has flu like symptoms must not attend the event. A full refund of stall fees will be issued to any stallholder who is unable to attend under these circumstances.
  • Due to COVID-19 physical distancing requirements, shared sites are not permitted at this event.


  • This event may be cancelled at any stage for reasons relating to COVID-19. A full refund of stall fees will be issued to stallholders under these circumstances.
  • Tactile Arts/Darwin Convention Centre has the right to cancel the event due to security/safety concerns and structure malfunctions.
  • Darwin Convention Centre /Tactile Arts will not be liable for any loss of resources (loss of earnings, equipment, suppliers, performers, staff etc.) if a cancellation decision is made.


  • The Christmas Craft Fair is open to current Tactile Arts Members Only (membership can be paid online and is subject to Management Committee approval.) 3m x 6m Stall: $620, 3m x 3m Stall: General $310 (Concession $250), Trestle Table – two day: General $135 (Concession $115), Trestle Table – one day: General $90 (Concession $75)


  • Christmas Craft Fair stall - 3m x 6m: Providing 6m frontage with approx. 18sqm of space. 3m x 3m: Providing 3m frontage with approx. 9sqm of space. 2.4m Trestle Table site, providing 2.4sqm of space only, no additional space provided. Each stall holder is responsible for providing their own fit out including walls, framing structures. No attachments are to be made to walls in the Convention Centre e.g. rope/string. Power access is available to a limited number of stalls at an additional fee of $15, tables (1.8m x .6m) are available for an additional hire fee of $25, chairs are available free of charge and all must have been ordered at the time of application. All parties must submit their own application form and be current members of Tactile Arts by Wednesday, 4 November 2020.

Items for sale:

  • You acknowledge that you are the stall/site holder and assert that you have made all of the items offered for sale on your stall. You do not have any imported goods and/or goods made by other crafts people not identified on the original application for sale on the stall.


  • The Christmas Craft Fair runs Saturday 21 and Sunday 22, from 9.00am to 3.00pm. We cannot guarantee volunteers will be present so bring your own trolley and a support person to help with transfer of goods to your stall. Bump-in from 6am. Pack down from 3.00pm, this ensures that the craft fair looks inviting and is a viable operation for all stallholders. Set-up/pack down access where appropriate as directed by craft fair coordinators.

For stallholders in the main hall:

  • Briefly park your vehicle in the loading dock, accessible via Stokes Hill Rd. Please drop all items at the loading dock, then return to your vehicle to park either underground or offsite.

For stallholders in the concourse area:

  • Please park your vehicle in the carpark to the rear of the Convention Centre, accessible via Stokes Hill Rd, stall access will be available via the rear doors. $5 all day parking is available in the underground carpark at the Convention Centre (max height 2.3m). Paid parking is also available at the rear of the Convention Centre, the Stokes Hill Rd carpark and the multi-level parking building on Kitchener Drive. Free Parking is available at Stokes Hill Wharf.

  • Trestle table sites participating for two days will be asked to move their tables and stock into the halls from 3.00pm on Saturday, 21 November. The concourse must be clear of all stalls by 4pm to accommodate another Convention Centre booking.


  • Tactile Arts will endeavor to promote the Christmas Craft Fair as widely as possible via the Tactile Arts website, Facebook, Instagram, flyers, posters and banners, newspaper, radio, community announcements/noticeboards, tourist agencies, hotels and local establishments. Images of previous Craft Fairs may be used to promote the event. Any images submitted may be used to promote Tactile Arts and future events.

External Promotion:

  • Stallholders wishing to promote activities external to Tactile Arts may do so only with prior approval from the General Manager. Approval will be dependent on the promotion not being in conflict or competition with the objectives and activities of Tactile Arts.


  • Stallholders must not act in an offensive manner or make excessive noise or nuisance. Conflict between stallholders should be referred to the coordinator and must be resolved in a quiet and orderly manner. Abusive/confrontational behavior towards the public, Tactile Arts staff & volunteers, or other stallholders will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Offenders will have their stall immediately closed, will cease trading and will be banned from future Tactile Arts events. Alcohol and tobacco of any kind are not to be sold at the Craft Fair.

Liability and Risk:

  • The stallholder acknowledges and accepts that participation in the event may expose he/she or their employees to the risk of damage, loss or harm. The stallholder acknowledges and agrees that he/she will not hold Tactile Arts responsible for any damage, loss or harm as a consequence of their participation in the event. The stallholder indemnifies Tactile Arts, Darwin Convention Centre and the Northern Territory Government against any damages or accident claims that may arise as a result of participating in this event. The stallholder agrees to conduct a comprehensive risk assessment for activities and services/products for sale. All activities undertaken by the stallholder must comply with current OH&S regulations and all safety measures must be in place to prevent potential dangers such as trip hazards. Tactile Arts recommends the stallholder seek professional advice concerning the risks and relevant insurances relating to its participation in the event, for example, insuring items loss, theft or damage at the event venue or site.


  • Tactile Arts holds appropriate public liability insurance which will cover stallholders who are members of Tactile Arts. All successful applicants are required to be current members of Tactile Arts by Wednesday, 4 November 2020.

General Requirements:

  • All instructions from Tactile Arts are to be adhered to. The stallholder must ensure the areas they are working within remain clean and tidy. The site must be returned to a neat and tidy condition, otherwise the stallholder shall reimburse Tactile Arts for any additional cleaning required. The stallholder will be responsible for any damage to the site, infrastructure and fixtures within the period of hire and shall reimburse the Darwin Convention Centre for any repairs.



By submitting your payment you are stating that you have understood and agree to the terms and conditions listed above.