Fay Gurr:
Fay has experience sitting on several boards both in Darwin and NSW, she has had governance and financial training and has a great understanding of the legal and risk responsibilities of the board. She has been working in the education sector for 35 years, with 18 years as a principle. 
Melanie Tribe:  
Melanie is a self employed artist, workshop Tutor, islump workshop coordinator and has high level experience in community engagement programs.   

Elizabeth Martin:
Elizabeth has high level experience working within the NT Arts sector in art center administration. She has also been working as an independent artist for over 20 years. She has both curatorial, customer service, small business operations and art based retail gallery experience. She has worked with both NGO’s and commercial galleries.   

Debra Senjuschenko:
Debra has over 30 years experience in book-keeping, including experience as a finance manager and business manager, she is also a self employed artist and workshop tutor.
Melanie Favola:
Melanie has previous experience on the RMIT Alumni School of Art Board. She also has high level experience in customer service and she is also a workshop tutor and independent artist.    
Felicity Wright:
Felicity has high level expertise in strategic business and marketing planning and feasibility studies. She has extensive experience working with incorporated associations. 
Bernard Ho:
Bernard is a practicing accountant who has both qualifications and experience in governance and finance.