Botanical Art School: Part 2
Botanical Art School: Part 2
Botanical Art School: Part 2

Botanical Art School: Part 2

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Welcome to the advanced part of our unique botanical art program, designed for practicing artists. Step into a time machine of art history and discover how flora has been portrayed across cultures and timeframes, enriching your understanding of art. Our sessions combine theory and practice, allowing you to create your own botanical art pieces while learning age-old techniques.

Session One:
Rococo Petals and Porcelain: White Color in Botanical Art

Session Two:
Life in Impressionist Luminous Strokes: Glossy to powdery effects in botanical art. 

session Three:
Nature’s Dance in Art Nouveau: Organic Elegance in Decorative Botanical Art. 

Session Four:
The Radiance and Richness of Art Deco Era: Gold and other Bold Colors in Botanical Art.

Session Five:
Eco-Essence in the 20th Century: Botanical Art in Highlining Environmental Concerns.

Five Saturdays: 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th June and 6th July 

Ticket Price:
Members: $275
Non Members: $300

Minimum class size 6, maximum 10. Class subject to cancellation due to insufficient bookings in which case fees paid will be refunded. Full student refunds can be issued up to 2 weeks prior to commencement, however individual classes will not be refunded due to nonattendance.

Tactile Arts members can access their workshop discount by entering BOTANICS 2 MEMBER into the discount code field at the checkout.